Frank Muscara Acupuncture

Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Moxibustion, Tui Na, Cupping, Gua Sha, Qigong, Dietary and Lifestyle Guidance

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Frank is a caring, inquisitive and precise practitioner, willing to work with his patients to determine a course of treatment. I love how he infuses kindness, humor, and persistence in each session. And how he is able to creatively integrate systems of Chinese and Western self-care for well being.

I came to Frank in Spring of 2016 to deal with horrible monthly menstrual cycles, hormone changes, as well as stabilizing the endocrine system after years of using birth control. My periods decreased in their heaviness. The monthly pains have decreased dramatically and are much more manageable. Body changes are much more stable. I am more in touch with my health and well being needs.   Past foot pain and eye health have healed.  I’ve dealt with a stressful move and complete apartment renovation recently, and Frank was able to help me de-stress, experience deep calm, and release sadness.
I took slowly to the energy work of acupuncture and through gentle, repeated sessions, I have been able to better tune into the ebbs and flows of the present moment.

Over the past year, my health and well being have improved dramatically, and I’ve learned so much about how to care for myself.   As part of my self-care, I am committed to working with Frank to manage current and upcoming life changes. Through working with him, I feel confident I will approach the next decade with confidence, happiness and renewed zest for life.

I highly recommend Frank in dealing with pain, overall malaise, menstrual cycle issues, and to help create balance & harmony.   He is a talented, wonderful person!
— N.V.
I had my first session of acupuncture with Frank to treat plantar fasciitis and it has worked far better than any drug or other intervention that I have tried. Within minutes of having the needles placed I could feel fluttering and other sensations within my body...and the pain, which I had been experiencing for weeks, literally disappeared within five minutes. I have felt remarkably better from just a few sessions with Acupuncture from Frank and highly recommend it. He really is the best.
— H.M.
Frank’s calm demeanor inspires calm in me. He is knowledgeable and willing to answer questions and explain what he is doing. This inspires confidence.  Frank is attentive and caring and willing to take his time and spend the time needed. I’m not able to lie on my stomach or side; Frank’s knowledge and expertise give him the flexibility to treat me in any position in which I’m comfortable. What improved: Increased calm; decreased pain in my normally very painful feet and ankles. I return to Frank because he makes me feel better!
— R.F.
Frank is a very knowledgeable and reliable practitioner. He is always on time and always in a pleasant mood. He listens and interacts personally with me while respecting the boundaries of patient-practitioner. He is a very kind and compassionate human being. Over the weeks, he has treated me for chronic back pain, water retention in my ankles and knees, constipation, sleep disorder and excessive emotional vulnerability. Frank addressed the physical and emotional symptoms in the global context of the body and mind. As a result, my metabolism regulated itself and my emotions evened substantially. I have consulted various acupuncturists and I would recommend Frank’s services without any reserve as I trust him to be knowledgeable, efficient, sensitive and wise.
— D.W.
I love the way Frank listens to my complaints each week and I can tell he tries very hard to get to the root of my problems and to help me examine myself more clearly. He is patient, kind and always puts my comfort first, which is very important to me. I also like how he prepares me in the cases when he expects I might feel an unusual sensation. I first started seeing Frank for insomnia and gastrointestinal issues due to western meds. At the time of our first treatment, I was taking sleeping pills every night. After a few treatments, the GI problems subsided and the insomnia has greatly improved. It used to take me hours to fall asleep and I couldn’t stay asleep. Now I fall asleep soon upon lying down, and I can get through most nights without sleeping pills. In addition, Frank has helped me calm down the busyness of my life. Frank is an excellent Acupuncturist and a wonderful person. I truly enjoy our sessions and that I have gained a friend as well.
— B.B.M.
After one session of Frank’s abdominal acupuncture treatment, my chronic back pain subsided and hasn’t returned since.
— M.H.
Frank is a very knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring practitioner. With his treatments, I’ve experienced a great improvement in my overall health. He has reduced my anxiety, improved my sleep, and regulated my digestion. Over the year of treatment, he has helped me with all the issues I came to him for, and if I find myself developing any new issues, I will return for treatment with Frank.
— M.H.
Frank is very professional and he understands right away what the problem is. After his treatments, I am more energized and my pain has reduced significantly. Generally, I am in better health. I will always seek his help whenever I have a problem.
— J.S.
Frank is friendly, patient and listens attentively when I describe my current complaints. He is knowledgeable, straightforward and explains what he is doing and why. Best of all, his needle technique is good; I hardly feel the needles. After a couple of treatments with acupuncture and herbs, my allergies improved tremendously.
— E.K.